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figo API

figo is the first european banking service provider. We are building the backbone of next generation financial services. Partners can connect to banks and other financial services w/ our API.

Traxpay B2B Dynamic Payments Platform

Traxpay, and its industry leading B2B Dynamic Payments platform is capable of executing and settling financial transactions and payments with rich data in real-time, anytime, anywhere, and with...


Scaled Risk

We provide a real-time Big Data and Analytics platform for easy and scalable financial data management.

Storage Made Easy - Secure Enterprise File Share & Sync Platform

Unified Enterprise File Share and Sync with Cloud Control is the first independent online financial advice on a fee basis. Our goal is to help customers to make the right decisions to invest money successful in the financial markets.


Aqua Global's e²gen financial solution improves the operations of any financial institution. Through real-time visibility and increased automation e²gen allows for total cost of ownership,...


mBox is Nihilent's Mobile banking solution that has embedded all the features and functionality a Bank would require to offer to it's customer

United Signals

United Signals is one of the most innovative investing solutions for private and institutional clients. Investors can automatically follow financial experts and their investment decisions.

cashcloud mobile eWallet

Cashcloud has developed a unique mobile eWallet application including a mobile payment system for Smartphones running on Apple iOS and Google Android and is already available in Germany, Spain,...


Frontologic is a business front-end framework focusing on the user. It is made especially for financial institutions.

Fidor TecS AG

Fidor TecS enables disruptive Banking by reshaping the customer relationship through technology.

Fidor TecS Consulting

Benefit from our experience as pioneers of social media based banking.

Fidor OS Banking

New and open account infrastructure for banks, financial services and e-commerce shops.

Fidor Community

Discover a totally new target group with our Social Media Core Module "Community" and "Bonus" Program

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