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Alyne is a content centered, RegTech, next generation Software as a Service. Mature your cyber security, risk management and compliance capabilities and cost effectively measure maturity in your...


Acquisition channel for banks based on social network platform. Providing much better prices for customers and better economics for banks thanks to virality and network effect.


Powerful FinTech Engine that simply works. SDK.finance is a back-end software for the quickest technological start of any IT project in FinTech area.


Papilio-DB ist ein plattformunabhängiges Archiv- und Auskunftssystem für Daten aus heterogenen Systemen.

Capital Banker

CapitalBanker, provides a core banking platform with a robust set of capabilities to support the business functions for commercial banks.


Aqua Global's e²gen financial solution improves the operations of any financial institution. Through real-time visibility and increased automation e²gen allows for total cost of ownership,...


Execute UAT without manual intervention or test scripts. Automate testing for greenfield or BAU testing.


mBox is Nihilent's Mobile banking solution that has embedded all the features and functionality a Bank would require to offer to it's customer

Equity based Crowdfunding - Alternative banking

Web2.0 allows companies and customers to interact directly without the classical bank as intermediator. We provide a platform to efficiently moderate and faciliate those direct contacts for...

Naqoda Tax Engine

A multi-country solution for calculation and reporting of withholding tax.

cashcloud mobile eWallet

Cashcloud has developed a unique mobile eWallet application including a mobile payment system for Smartphones running on Apple iOS and Google Android and is already available in Germany, Spain,...

arago AutoPilot for IT Operations

AutoPilot is a unique software solution designed to work like IT experts do.

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