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Social Trading: Brokertain

...this is a great option: Fidor TecS is the first provider in the world offering trading software where users can create customizable peer-to-peer binary options on the different underlying’s...

figo API

figo is the first european banking service provider. We are building the backbone of next generation financial services. Partners can connect to banks and other financial services w/ our API.

Traxpay B2B Dynamic Payments Platform

Traxpay, and its industry leading B2B Dynamic Payments platform is capable of executing and settling financial transactions and payments with rich data in real-time, anytime, anywhere, and with...


VOOLA - the search engine for financial products


Innovative Social Investment Network



Alyne is a content centered, RegTech, next generation Software as a Service. Mature your cyber security, risk management and compliance capabilities and cost effectively measure maturity in your...

Scaled Risk

We provide a real-time Big Data and Analytics platform for easy and scalable financial data management.


Financing marketplace for the world’s innovations

WealthArc for wealth managers

B2B SaaS platform with financial data analysis and client interaction for wealth managers

Lending OpenAPI

First european OpenAPI for loans, bonds and investments. Re-engineering banking processes or launching new cool fintech apps, coding of loan products has never been easier with Treasuryview...


OpenHedgeFund empowers you to create, test and run your own hedge fund. Our mission is to provide the best portfolio strategies to the crowd by the crowd.

baningo - banking has many faces

Rethinking the way you discover bank advisers and communicate with banks. No-frills banking!

Kreditech Holding

Kreditech, the consumer finance technology group, uses big data and complex machine-learning algorithms to serve a simple mission: "Building a ‘digital bank’ for the unscored worldwide."


The leading international provider of Personal Financial Management and Account Aggregation solutions. eWise has delivered award winning solutions to many of the world’s most innovative financial...

Debitos die Forderungsbörse

Debitos is Germany's first online-exchange, on which companies can trade dunned invoices, enforceable claims, non-performing loans and bankruptcy claims for cash!


Acquisition channel for banks based on social network platform. Providing much better prices for customers and better economics for banks thanks to virality and network effect.

Powerful FinTech Engine that simply works. is a back-end software for the quickest technological start of any IT project in FinTech area.

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