API Banking

Here is the place for FinTechs that offer API Banking services 


figo API

figo is the first european banking service provider. We are building the backbone of next generation financial services. Partners can connect to banks and other financial services w/ our API.


Lending OpenAPI

First european OpenAPI for loans, bonds and investments. Re-engineering banking processes or launching new cool fintech apps, coding of loan products has never been easier with Treasuryview...


The leading international provider of Personal Financial Management and Account Aggregation solutions. eWise has delivered award winning solutions to many of the world’s most innovative financial...


GELDEMPFEHLUNG.de is the first independent online financial advice on a fee basis. Our goal is to help customers to make the right decisions to invest money successful in the financial markets.

Gini Document Analysis API

Gini extracts precious information out of documents like invoices and receipts to facilitate innovative use-cases like photo-payment, intelligent PFM and document management for banking apps. Gini...

Capital Banker

CapitalBanker, provides a core banking platform with a robust set of capabilities to support the business functions for commercial banks.

United Signals

United Signals is one of the most innovative investing solutions for private and institutional clients. Investors can automatically follow financial experts and their investment decisions.


moneygarden is an online financial platform. We offer our users a holistic approach to personal financial planning and wealth management. We want to show them where and how to save money and once...

Open Bank Project

Open API and app store for banks

Open Bank Project API

Open API and app store for banks

Fidor TecS AG

Fidor TecS enables disruptive Banking by reshaping the customer relationship through technology.

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