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Klaus Schwägerl

European Payments turns to the Single European Payments Area for 34 member states. Other payments systems will be changed too (TARGET2/SWIFT). More competitors and standardized payments processes are the features.

Are they more opportunities to get faster access to the European market? Inner and out of Europe? Generate added value with additional smart B2B connection to all marketplaces and ERP applications on the same technical platform and save 80% cost.

Approach:        International Payments and B2B Hub focused for Asian Banks and Corporates as well as European Corporates to get a smart entry to the European Market. Cloud solution, hosted in German Datacenters, Stock Corporation planned.

Investment:       Approx: 4 Mio €, ROI planned after 42 months, Revenue will be generated by transaction fees.

Investment needed for:

  • Development of an International brand for the planned startup
  • Implement Marketingmix and Sales to boost platform traffic
  • Setup of strategic partnership with International multipliers in the market

Status:             Best of breed Platform assembled - ready to go

About us:         25 years International Management and Interim Management Experiences, Experience for more than 14 years in that team configuration, written references in intersectoral projects from global operating clients are available, Our payments platform has been recommended by the two biggest German Banks, B2B module recommended by the second biggest office furniture manufacturer worldwide

Contact:, Cellular:+49 171 6049047

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