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Mambu: Bringing Banking Technology to the 21st Century on a Native Cloud Architecture

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  • 06 Aug 14:06
  • Cloud, Banking, Mambu, Cloud Banking, Micro Finance, Banking Packages

If a banking platform was built from the ground up, today, what would it look like? Without being built for any one bank in particular, and harnessing today’s best practices, usability, design, workflow simplicity, technical architecture, and with the scalability of today’s cloud solutions? These are the questions to answer for a future-proof online banking solution. Beginning in 2010, with a blank slate, Mambu set about creating a banking technology platform that exemplifies both the technology as well as the spirit of Software as a Service (SaaS). Now used by over 100 organizations in 26 countries, Mambu has demonstrated the power, accessibility and agility offered by a cloud-first architecture for banking. Instant Scalability Today’s cloud architecture and services allow for easy, affordable and instant scalability when needed. By building a horizontally scalable architecture Mambu has separated the user’s agent (web browser, mobile phone, etc) from the servers which are responsible for the request processing ....

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