FinTech Forum eXchange is the first global online hub for FinTech enthusiasts. We are on a mission to put more FinTech enthusiasts on the world map and to create a global FinTech community.

We seek to identify innovators, disruptors and “hidden champions” in the financial services sector, and bring them together with investors, mentors, consultants, corporate partner, lawyers and banks: via our network of relationships, our online presence (newsletters, expert blogs, Q&As, social media etc.) and events, as well as our custom advisory, research and business development services.

We want to establish FinTechForumX as a global market place for FinTech enthusiasts.



what people say

Julia 2013 04

Investorproject manager

I am looking for a cool FinTech to invest in.
Tu 2013 04

Mediabusiness analyst

I am interested in the new FinTech industry and want to meet the people.
John 2013 04

Bankbank executive

Now I have a better market transparency of the emerging FinTech industry.
Tian 2013 04

FinTechline manager

I want to find an investor for my FinTech startup.